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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

13 Branches in 1870

13 Branches in 1870

In 1870 there were thirteen branches of the Presbyterian Church (Weekly constitution 19 April 1870, page 3). Actually, the article only lists eleven)

The big three were:

Reunited Cumberland Southern

The smaller, chiefly of Scotch origin are (my history teaches me that they should all be considered of “Scots” origin) (number ministers, number churches):

Old Side Reformed (Covenanter) (80,80) Associate Synod of NA (13)

New Side Reformed (Covenanter) (55,60) Associate Synod of NY (11) Old School

Associated Reformed (68) Declaration and Testimony

Now, for all of you who can count, yes I am a mathematician among other things, so here it is:

Number Eleven “A recent organization in Charleston, SC, whose name is not reported.”

The first person to send me the name of the Eleventh, with a valid source gets a free printed copy of this paper, and a free one year access to my blog.

Anyone who can supply the same information for a total of thirteen, gets twice the above award.


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