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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New sermon notes and windows images have been added to the GoogleDocs site which relates to Sermons In Windows for four Tiffany windows.

Please let me know if you find these interesting and how I can make them more useful to you.


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  1. Hey Bill, Give us a look of the images in the blog post itself. Most folks don't know what Google Docs is or how to find their way around is it. So keep building things in Google docs but show things in your blog posts. You might say: I've added 4 windows to ..., Here is the Abrahamic window, Here is the Passion window, here is Mission window, here is the Ascension window.
    You don't want to make take extra steps when you can show them right here. If they want to click deeper they will.

    That probably 4 great blog posts.

    I expect a blog post to be pictures and the story behind it them That's what I hope for anyway. That what blog readers expect: a self contained nugget. You've got gold nuggets.